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Oh, Data Protection, Guardian of our Trust

 A poem on Direct Marketing and Data Protection

By Njoki Kimemia, Legal and Data Protection Associate

South-End Tech Limited. Dated: July 5, 2023

While anticipating the future and without disparaging any poets, I requested assistance from AI in creating a poem about Direct Marketing and Data Protection in the context of Kenya.

In the realm of direct marketing’s embrace,

Where messages flow, seeking consumer’s space,

Amidst the digital swirls and advertising noise,

Data protection’s presence is hailed with poise.


In the Kenyan context, where privacy stands tall,

A poem weaves, capturing its importance for all.

In this age of data-driven might,

Respecting boundaries is our guiding light.


From the rolling hills to bustling city streets,

Where brands strive to engage and meet,

A balance must be struck, a sacred dance,

Between marketing’s reach and data’s chance.


Oh, data protection, guardian of our trust,

In this digital age, we rely on you so just.

Safeguarding our personal details and more,

Preserving dignity, as we journey and explore.


You stand as a shield, against unwarranted eyes,

Ensuring our secrets, within us, lies.

For in this vast realm of interconnected streams,

Respecting privacy is the stuff of dreams.


Transparency and consent, the golden thread,

Weaving through the fabric of campaigns widespread.

Collecting data, with purpose and care,

Ensuring individuals have a choice to bear.


Oh, data protection, defender of rights,

Amidst direct marketing’s ambitious heights,

Let us embrace your principles and adhere,

For trust in the digital world is what we hold dear.


As marketers craft their persuasive art,

Let them weave a tapestry that sets us apart.

Respecting boundaries, forging connections true,

With data protection as their compass, to guide them through.


In the Kenyan context, let us all unite,

To champion privacy, with all our might.

For direct marketing and data protection can coexist,

When ethics and respect, persist.


So let this poem serve as a gentle plea,

To honor data protection, to set us free.

In direct marketing’s realm, let us find,

A harmony that leaves no privacy behind.





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