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Digital Solutions Government & Business

E-Government Solutions

South-End Tech collaborates with governments in their schemes to deliver services to citizens (G2C), and businesses (G2B) and create a platform between the government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (G2G).

Digital Consulting Services for Businesses

At South-End Tech, we work with businesses to develop innovative digital solutions that magically simplify business processes, drastically reduce cost, revolutionize your business model, and astonishingly grow your profit.

SETLAB Loop Developers

SETLAB Loop is our in-house hub for hospitals and social tech innovators. Our high-tech team of software engineers is working on next-generation technologies geared towards transforming the hospitals and social ecosystem tremendously.

Managed IT Help Desk Services

Our IT Help Desk system empowers your business with IT experts who transform your business operations by enabling collaboration and innovation across departments, maintaining mission-critical applications, and helping you modernize your IT systems and infrastructure.

Website and Network Monitoring

Your website is the face of your business and is available to users across the globe. How do you ensure that yours is up and running efficiently 24x7? We quickly identify and monitor the performance of internet services like HTTPS, DNS servers, FTP servers, SSL/TLS certificates, SMTP servers, POP servers, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web services, and more. We also comprehensively monitor critical network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls.

Remote Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Data recovery during disasters requires a plan that is cost-efficient with the ability to improve your business productivity and retain customers after a disaster. At South-End Tech, we offer cloud colocation and cloud storage services, and disaster recovery planning to our clients

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