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About us

About South-End Tech.

South-End Tech Ltd is a mid-size Managed Information Technology (IT) Services Partner, Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider (MSP), Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) Provider, and Digital Consulting Company. The company is incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act, 2015.

South-End Tech Limited

South-End Tech has an amazing working partnership with global IT hardware vendor services and top professional cybersecurity solutions providers such as Kaspersky labs (the leading cyber security vendor in Europe and the fifth largest globally).
We commit to working with you as an equal partner delivering personalized services that translate your information technology (IT) needs, cybersecurity challenges, data protection, and digital problems into solutions in a secure manner for enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and value for money


A secure Information Technology and Data Services in a safe cyberspace


A Data Protection, Cyber Security & Digital Solutions provider of choice in a safe cyberspace for business

Core Values

Passion | Innovation | Respect | Teamwork

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