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Digital Solutions for Hospitals

Mobile Device Management

At South-End Tech, we deploy top-notch mobile device management (MDM) software that provides a unified console to manage the different device types used by your employees off and on-site.

IT Hardware & Software Procurement & Modernization

At South-End Tech, we are delighted to make sure you and your team are equipped with the right IT hardware software. Our team of IT Support Specialists is ready to provide a complete IT audit from the start to see what you need and determine what you do not need.

Printers and Photocopier Maintenance Services

Our Team of tested IT Support specialist provide a comprehensive photocopier & printer servicing and maintenance service for all categories of hospitals.

Managed IT Help Desk Services

Our mission is to deliver reliable technology services to ensure your applications and workstations are available and accessible. We support hospitals in developing a customized unified communication system that helps them keep in touch with their patients and customers.

Website and Network Monitoring

How do you ensure that your website is up and running efficiently 24x7? We quickly identify and monitor the performance of internet services like HTTPS, DNS servers, FTP servers, SSL/TLS certificates, SMTP servers, POP servers, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web services, and more. We also comprehensively monitor critical network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls

Remote Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services for Hospitals and Hotels

At South-End Tech, we offer cloud colocation and cloud storage services, and disaster recovery planning to our clients.

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