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Digital Solutions  for Schools

Computers for Schools Projects

The government has already set plans to set up computer laboratories in over 23,000 primary and secondary schools. Do not let your school be left behind in setting up a digital computer hub for your learners

Cybersecurity Solutions for Schools

A cyberattack on your school's computer system will not only cost your business but will lead to legal suits for breach of children's data under the Data Protection Laws. We collaborate with top global cybersecurity software companies to provide security solutions specifically for your school

The school website and network monitoring

The evolving EdTech space and digital learning make your school's websites both a communication and learning tool for your students, parents, teachers, and the world. We comprehensively monitor critical network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls

School tablets/Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Our MDM solutions and servers provide a unified console to manage the different device types used by your schools off and on-site

Maintenance of school software systems

Our Team of tested IT Support specialists provide comprehensive photocopier & printer servicing and maintenance that optimizes the life span of your school equipment to deliver amazing results saving you money and time.

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