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Image & Videos Annotation

At South-End Tech Ltd we offer Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a shared outsource service that you can benefit from thereby hugely saving on costs and leveraging on a pool of professionally competent Officers

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Image Annotation💡

We offer high-quality annotated data such as object detection, image redaction, localization, and segmentation. To achieve this, we use our top-notch image label tool to annotate images with high speed and greater accuracy.


Bounding Boxes and Cuboids:- We apply this to detect and determine image attributes such as the location, height, and depth of the object of interest

Video Annotation

We offer a quick and efficient annotation of video images for all the models our clients might be interested in using our cutting-edge tools such as Bounding boxes, Keypoint, Polygons, Lines, and arrows. In addition, we detect and track any moving object of interest frame by frame and estimate any changes and expansion with a high degree of accuracy. We also classified and categorized things depending on their nature, such as people, cars, bikes, motorcycles, etc.

Key points

We use the key-points tool to help us track the body motion of the objects of interest. Through this, we can be able to track down. Facial and other body part motions, including hand and leg gesture motions


With high accuracy and speed, we use the Polygons tool to help us localize and capture finer details, i.e., the silhouette of the object of interest. Through this tool, we can carry out drawings of the things, edit, and categorize the objects of interest, thus achieving greater quality output.

Line and Arrows

we use this tool to help annotate straight and curved objects such as roads, road markings, and objects' edges. We use lines and polylines to help achieve a high degree of accuracy and quality output.

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