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Future of Information Warfare

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Austin Oduma,

Cybersecurity & IT Risks Associate

South-End Tech Limited

Date: 30th April 2024

The future of information warfare is shaped by the fusion of the information age and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). While technological advancements bring remarkable innovations, they also give rise to new threats that must be acknowledged.

AI permeates various sectors of our lives, simplifying tasks across industries such as manufacturing, content creation, marketing, film production, medicine, computer science, technology, data analytics, and more. Its influence is evident in movie production, where AI is utilized for scripting and video creation, as well as in marketing, where AI-driven strategies target specific audiences. Interestingly, some social media influencers with millions of followers are not human but AI-generated models, indistinguishable from real people.

However, alongside these advancements, we face an escalating information warfare characterized by:

  1. Misinformation, this is a false, incorrect user error with no intention of harm. This could be as simple as posting on social media “2+3=7” to the extent of posting about a person but with unverified information about the subject.
  2. Disinformation is false, misleading information used to deceive, cause harm or chaos that spreads fear, suspicion, political influence, or for financial benefits. This may arise out of anger, fear or even trust. For example in 2014, ISIS used an app they developed called the Dawn of Glad Tidings, which supporters would download to their devices and the app could access their Twitter accounts and tweet on behalf of the users.
  3. Malinformation, is a term for information which is a true statement but sharing it might cause arm to some parties.

Threat actors are leveraging using AI in Text-To-Speech (TTS) and AI video development to fabricate politicians and other influential figures to either give false narratives that may invoke a reaction or fix them in a video depiction that may cause controversies. This will have a very massive impact on tomorrow’s age on what to trust and what not to. Therefore, further scrutiny when consuming information is advised and encouraged in this era of information and information warfare.

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